Ferrari Dino on the road

1967 Ferrari Dino 206 S Spyder Coupe

A Piece of Ferrari Racing History

The Dino has become one of the most coveted, desirable and significant cars built by Ferrari throughout the builder’s history. Named after Enzo Ferrari’s son who passed in 1956, the Dino is unique in its design, history and inspiration alike. The car when racing in its heyday was top of its class, and today it has been recognized as one of the most beautiful cars Ferrari or any other company has built.

This particular Dino was featured on the cover of Issue 182 of Cavallino, a magazine dedicated to Ferrari history in 2011. It has been verified as authentic by Ferrari, and its original owner is traced back to the iconic racing team Scuderia Filipinetti. Originally 50 were slated to be built, but due to civil unrest in Italy and labour problems, only 18 of these beautiful race cars were ever completed.

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